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The president of Colonial Pipeline says he paid the hackers $ 4.4 million

The president of Colonial Pipeline says he paid the hackers $ 4.4 million

Le patron de l’opérateur américain d’oléoducs Colonial Pipeline a indiqué mercredi, dans une interview au Wall Street Journal, avoir autorisé le versement d’une rançon de 4,4 millions de dollars aux pirates informatiques qui ont mené une cyberattaque contre le réseau The beginning of mai.

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Joseph Blount declared: “I know it was a controversial decision (…) I admit that I was not comfortable seeing the money evaporate and go to such people.” “But it was the right thing to do for the country,” he told the newspaper.

Several US media outlets have reported paying the ransom in recent days, but Colonial Pipeline has not confirmed this information yet.

However, Mr. Blount did not provide details of how the negotiations would proceed and how they would be settled. Several sources claimed that the ransom was paid in bitcoins.

The leader of Colonial Pipeline, who has been at the helm of the company since 2017, defended his decision, believing that for his group it was the most effective way to restart its operations.

The company, which moves nearly half of US petroleum products from the Gulf of Mexico to the east coast of the United States, was a victim of ransomware on May 7, a program that exploits vulnerabilities to encrypt data and computer systems and claim ransom. To open them.

According to US police, DarkSide’s cybercriminal group is behind the attack.

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This operator, whose network includes more than 8,800 kilometers of pipelines that transport fuel, has forced the suspension of all operations, which has never happened before.

Colonial Pipeline announced, last Saturday, that it has returned to normal operations.

But Blount noted that the restoration work will continue for months and cost the company tens of millions of dollars.

On Tuesday, Colonial Pipeline was again faced with computer problems, but assured that it was not in any way related to the hack and that they had not blocked distribution of duplicate products.