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'The possibilities are endless' |  Montreal Magazine

‘The possibilities are endless’ | Montreal Magazine

For the fans, the series lock and key It is an escape route to a fantasy and mysterious world. But for Conor Jessup, season two was a real salvation, uprooting him from the gloom of the pandemic. “I’m starting to find it really hard,” the actor says.

Conor Jessup remembers feeling relieved when he stepped onto the set lock and key, A little over a year ago.

Conor Jessup

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Conor Jessup

“I’ve been in containment since the start of the pandemic and have only seen my best friend. Having a set, surrounded by 150 people, and working has pulled me out of the doldrums. I know it may sound very trivial, but it has done me a lot to be creative, to be social and have fun” , as the Canadian representative said, in a video conference with Newspaper.

Adapted from the successful graphic novel series of the same name lock and key It depicts a wonderful world where magic keys allow creating bridges between different places, times and even worlds.

more mature

So, Conor Jessup is resuming service today for a second season on Netflix this weekend. And if the plot starts where it left off, it charts a whole new path for its heroes.

Luke’s eldest member, Tyler, begins these new episodes with a sad realization: As the countdown to his eighteenth birthday begins, he’s only a few months left before he can forget all the magic inside his family home.

“This is what happens to all adults. They forget everything to do with magic. And there, Tyler realizes all that it means, memories that will fade from his memory. He tries at all costs to hold on to his past,” says Connor Jessup.

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Season 3 is coming

While the third season — which has already been filmed — should logically appear on Netflix next year, Conor Jessup makes no secret of his desire to take on the role of Tyler Locke again in the future. After all, there are countless keys left that have yet to be used.

“The possibilities are practically endless,” he says.

“I have never had so much fun working on a project so if I could make it last lock and key for 10 years. But I am not in the secret of the gods. I can only hope.”

The second season of lock and key Available on Netflix.