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"The players honored JS Kabylie and Algeria without money"

“The players honored JS Kabylie and Algeria without money”

President Sherif Mellal, in his answers to the questions directed to him on Instagram, responded with irony to some of them, especially those related to the financial regulation of his players.

“The players did not receive their salaries, but they honored the club and Algeria by reaching the final of the Confederation of African Football,” he declared, among other things.

“I convinced them to play for free, you should congratulate me instead of insisting on this”

Annoyed by the question of his interlocutor who asked him several times that no player plays for free, President Mellal replied: “You are a unionist. You should congratulate me because you say that the players did not receive their salaries, but they reached the CAF Cup final and the League Cup final. What the fans are looking for are results. There is a branch that takes care of the financial aspect. JS Kabylie players, I convinced them to play for free. It’s not your problem.”

“There are teams that have spent billions and their players pay every month, but they haven’t done what JS Kabylie did”

And barely supporting that his interlocutor talks to him only about the lack of organization of his players, President Mellal wanted to remind him that there are clubs that spent billions and billions without succeeding in recording a good result. “USA paid their players, but. I am a good president. There are teams that have spent hundreds of billions and their players get paid every end of the month, but they did not reach their goals and did not score the results that we scored. He told him: “Don’t talk to me about the financial side, because I have a portfolio to manage.” .

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“A player who wants to play for JS Kabylie next season must return the money”

And always ironically with his interlocutor, President Mellal found no better way to change the subject than to say to him: “I don’t pay my players because they play for free.” Did anyone come to you to complain? The goal next year is that everyone who plays JS Kabylie must pay. This is the investment. Everyone who comes should return some money.”

All players will be paid at the end of the season.

President Mellal regained his seriousness and assured that the players would be regular until the last penny. “As the first manager of the club, I anticipated the start of the season with a reduction in club salaries. I signed agreements with sponsors and unfortunately our partners did not fulfill their obligations. There was a delay and tell me what to do when the league does not pay you the TV rights, the FAF does not give you your rights and MJS does not reimburse you for travel expenses Are we going to fly in this situation? The important thing is that everyone understands, and at the end of the season, all the players will be paid.”

“The budget of JS Kabylie is 25 billion, and there are clubs that have spent hundreds of billions.”

To prove that despite the lack of capabilities, he is a good manager, President Mellal revealed during his discussion that the budget of JS Kabylie is 25 billion cents. JSK has a budget of 25 billion cents, and in order not to end up in a crisis, we must manage our portfolio well. That’s why we’ve made our arrangements for ourselves, he said.

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“JS Kabylie has no big sponsors, but everyone will get the money.”

And despite the return of sponsors, especially after the good performance of the CAF Cup team, President Mellal complained about the lack of major sponsors. “JS Kabylie does not have big sponsors. For the players, we have settled what we can organize, but they will all be paid at the end of the season. Last season there was a delay, but we settled it. I paid them last week, and I will pay them again this week.” And next week, at the end of the season, they will pay them to the last penny. He continued, “Given the conditions of the country and the economic crisis, without forgetting the health crisis, it is not easy at all.”