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The player finds a new bug in Metal Gear Solid that drives fast racers crazy

The player finds a new bug in Metal Gear Solid that drives fast racers crazy

When we spot a bug in a game, as long as it doesn’t spoil your game, it often causes a smile and we move on. Except when the bug in question is never documented and can be used by the entire Speedrunner community, it’s really much more private. This is what happened to a broadcast guy who encountered a bug in Metal Gear Solid.

Image credit: Konami

Yet it is just a door

There is no longer any need to offer Metal Gear Solid, the classic Konami game on Playstation. A stealth game that laid the foundations for an entire genre and has long been a licensing game more than players appreciate. So much so that nowadays, it is still very popular in the speedrun communities.

The story begins on a stream of Boba, a Twitch streamer playing Metal Gear Solid for the first time. At one point in the game well known to players, she finds herself in front of a door and inadvertently discovers a bug that causes the guards to attack her and push her through the door.

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It may seem trivial, but in this way it flies over an entire part of the game where it is necessary to go up and down several communication towers, using stairs, face the guards and then even a helicopter. In addition to the cinematic scenes associated with these events. Without realizing it, I figured out a way to not bring up all these events and start at a point in the story where that point in the game would normally be unreachable.

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From the moment the video appeared on Twitter, the racing scene around Metal Gear Solid has been in turmoil. Finding such a bug, and apparently easy to reproduce, saves up to three minutes of sprinting for the game. More importantly, it may be possible to find other places where we can use it. And if so, it could turn the runners’ approach to speed on its head.

The funniest part is that the “new Boba glitch” was not found by a community of fast runners, but simply by a player who wanted to have fun in Metal Gear Solid.