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The person I always loved

The person I always loved

on the steering wheel

The Porsche 911 remains a fun car to drive on a daily basis. Its DNA is well hidden behind good manners and a degree of comfort that makes long rides very enjoyable, although Porsche has lowered the sound insulation to let in more harmonics.

It is impossible not to recommend going out on the track so that you can find out what you bought yourself such a car for. When I turned on Sport + mode using the steering wheel control, the car showed all its attributes. The revs, the steering and the suspension go up, you can tell the car is getting ready to show you its capabilities. Step on the throttle, and the GTS-exclusive sports exhaust will set off a rich, powerful tune that inevitably gives you goosebumps. This is when we turn off the audio system to fully enjoy the experience.

The engineers lowered the GTS’s chassis by 10 millimeters as well as its center of gravity, and the idea is, of course, to stick it a little more on the asphalt without penalizing too much comfort on the road. In our case, we also got models equipped with directional rear wheels ($2,390), an element that greatly enhanced cornering and high-speed agility, while making parking maneuvers easier.

As for consumption, the short duration of my test did not allow me to check it, but does it matter?

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