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The Pac-Man Museum+ arrives on May 27 on Xbox, day one on Game Pass

The Pac-Man Museum+ arrives on May 27 on Xbox, day one on Game Pass

Released over forty years ago, Pac-Man is one of the first arcade video games. The player embodies a locked yellow circle in a maze that must eat all the gum, while avoiding ghosts. Bandai Namco is still as popular as ever, and has been credited with developing it Pac-Man Museum +. Find the game’s release date in the trailer. In fact, The studio reveals that the game will be available on May 27 on Xbox and will be included directly in Game Pass.

Taking into account more than 40 years of Pac-Man history, the version Museum + A relatively large selection of games, both classic and modern.

Here is a list of available games:

  • backman
  • Super Pac Man
  • CAP & PAL
  • Back Land
  • Backmany
  • PAC-MAN ARRANGEMENT Arcade Edition. ★
  • Pac-Man Championship Edition
  • PAC Motorcycles ★
  • Pac-Man Battle Royal ★
  • PAC-MAN 256 ★

The starred games can be played both offline and in co-op. Getting gold coins at each end of the game will allow players to use them to unlock other titles as well as get customization items. Pac-Man gives you a date on May 27th.

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