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The owner of the restaurant is insulted for asking his customers to vaccinate

The owner of the restaurant is insulted for asking his customers to vaccinate

Eric Luxenberg, the owner of an old restaurant in Montreal, wants to welcome only people who have received two doses of the vaccine, which he insults in person and on social media.

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When customers arrive at Chez Éric & Fils on Place Jacques-Cartier, staff tell them that the establishment greatly values ​​a full two-dose vaccination. Sometimes this does not suit clients, and they go it alone.

Word is spreading in the neighborhood and on social media about the restaurant’s policy. Passers-by swear at the owner from the street, and others unleash on social media.

He is accused in particular of dividing the population and violating the rights and freedoms of citizens. Some threaten him, others say they will boycott his restaurant.

Despite everything, Eric Luxenberg sticks to his politics.

“I, as a person to be listened to and seen for a little, declared it, in my restaurants, at 1He is In September, everyone should be vaccinated with both doses,” says Luxenberg.

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“I realize that there are happy people, and there are disgruntled people, which is not normal. I decided that it is so, and people who have not been vaccinated, let them go elsewhere.”

Currently, Mr. Luksenberg tells his clients that he estimates the vaccination dose from two doses, but from 1He is September, the screw will tighten. He wants the government to follow suit.

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