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The Oscars and Moms

Sunday night at the Academy Awards, we were far from overly upset over Will Smith’s slap on Chris Rock last year. Which didn’t stop him from getting the best statuette for his performance in it Williams method Where he played the father of famous tennis players Venus and Serena.

No, it’s time to honor the mothers who got all the flowers while the fathers, without necessarily receiving pots, were conspicuous by their absence in their letters of thanks. From Best Supporting Actor winner Ke Huy Quan, who tearfully picked up his trophy and said, “Mom, you won an Oscar!” Directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel ScheinertEverything everywhere at once (Everything, everywhere, all at once) who dedicated their award to “All the Mothers in the World” to Michelle Yeoh, the first Asian woman to win an Academy Award for Best Actress, who also thanked her mother for watching her victory over Malaysia, Mother’s love was on everyone’s lips. “Because they are the real superheroes and without them, none of us would be here tonight,” said Michelle Yeoh.

Why does a little thank you go to parents? Is it because many stand out by their absence also in the lives of their children (or in their calling) or simply because it was one of the great themes of the evening, which one could say was embodied by Rihanna, who is so gorgeously pregnant?

PHOTO CHRIS PIZZELLO, INVISION, provided by Associated Press

Rihanna, pregnant, sang raise me Up higher On the stage of the Oscars.

On Facebook, author and lyricist Pierre Haute noted this absence: “My personal sadness is a little bit. It took the final winner, Best Picture Producer, for someone to thank their father. Before that, more than a dozen thanks from actors, actresses or technicians to their mothers. It won’t be My life would be of great use if one day my daughters would not feel the need to thank me.”

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My very personal theory, my own two pence If you like, have we been to a gala rewarding artists and craftsmen. and that the parents of yesterday may not have been the most encouraging of their children in an artistic career. If you grew up with a traditional dad, he probably pushed you further to excel at the sport, like those of the Williams sisters.

Does this mean that women are more sensitive to the arts? At home, when we watched a movie, my mother was the chief mourner, completely unable to control, while I had never seen my father cry once in his life. Even Steven Spielberg, nominee Fablemansin honor of her mother’s artistic sensibility this year…

Photo by Patrick T Fallon, AFP

“Mom, you won an Oscar!” Ke Huy Quan was released on Sunday.

In Quebec anyway, studies have shown that those who read the most are the ones who go to the museum and the theater (sometimes they run the pair) and watch soap operas. Despite this, the media weight of hockey compared to the coverage of all the arts combined remains heavy, which is revealing.

There is also a tendency for mothers to outrageously celebrate the slightest successes of their children; From the little star in the kindergarten book to the Oscar statuette, I think their level of pride remains the same. Sometimes, mothers trust us overly, like in a novel Dawn Promise de Romain Gary, quand elle crie à son fils mortifié devant tous les autres gars de l’armée de l’air: «You seras un hero, tu seras general, Gabriele D’Annunzio, ambassador of France – all of our voyous ne savent pas Who are you ! The most exciting thing is that Romain Gary has practically become all that, as if avenging his immigrant mother for the disappointments and indignities in her life.

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Hollywood is the street of broken dreams, as we know, where there are many callers and few chosen ones, and even more so if you are not white – The Oscars are very white, has been panned for several years — how can we not also see, on this evening when diversity is in the spotlight, the revenge of children of immigrants whose mothers saw the dreams of young girls shattered to allow the American dream into the next generation? The joke I hear most from comedians whose parents were immigrants is that they practice their art in secret, rather than studying law or medicine…

In short, there was something impressive about Sunday Everything, everywhere, all at once Many people who owe a lot to their mothers.