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The orange color will disappear from the map next Monday

The orange color will disappear from the map next Monday

Encouraged by the continued improvement in the epidemiological situation in Quebec, with less than 150 new cases reported on Tuesday, the Legault government is working to promote the arrival of certain regions, particularly the Greater Montreal region, at the yellow early warning level. As a result, the orange color will completely disappear from the map next Monday. Good news also for graduates, who, from July 8, will be eligible for a “real ball”, outside, without distance or mask.

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All Quebec in yellow and green

From Monday, most Quebec regions will turn from orange to yellow, while other regions are already lucky enough to be on the green “vigil” level.

Even areas that left the red layer a week later than others, such as Montreal, Laval and some MRCs in Estéry, Chaudeer Appalachies and Bas Saint Laurent, will find themselves at the early warning level.

In these areas, occupants of two different residences will again be allowed to meet in private residences. Outdoor team sports will also be possible.

Bars can also reopen on Mondays, but customers can start enjoying their terraces again on Fridays.

  • Listen to the interview with DrReturn Sarah Weisman de Loya, pediatric infectious disease specialist, on QUB Radio:

in pal? In the unmasked ball, hello!

After stalling in the disappointment caused by the party cancellations, Public Health finally decided to make changes.

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The date of July 8 was chosen. The authorities are counting on the fact that a significant portion of teenagers will be vaccinated on June 24. And then it takes two weeks to develop a good immunity.

However, the celebrations must take place outside, under a marquee, with a maximum of 250 participants.

Unlike graduation parties, which must take place according to sanitary rules, balls can take place without a mask or two meters apart.

“It means all kinds of reconciliations are allowed,” the prime minister said. […] Young people will be able to dance together and then be less than a meter apart. So we’re doing a special job without a mask.”

“I think the risks are well balanced with the fun and memories it will give these young people,” emphasized Dr.s Arruda, remembering that the ball is one moment in a lifetime.

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Delays with digital vaccine proof

The Minister of Health, Christian Duby, is asking the 1.6 million vaccinated Quebecers who have not yet received proof of the digital vaccine to wait another week to claim it.

To date, about 4 million people who have been vaccinated have received an email or text message allowing them to download their digital guide to vaccination. Those who have not received it will soon have access to an online tool that allows them to receive their QR code.

Minister Dube believes that this code will be especially useful for travel, should it be incorporated into the real vaccination passport.

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2e Dosage: Patience with Moderna

The Legault government is hoping to have confirmation of new deliveries from Moderna by next week, in order to provide those who have received this vaccine the possibility of bringing forward their second dose.

Currently, only Quebec residents who have received the vaccine from Pfizer or AstraZeneca are able to provide their appointment date for their second dose.

Minister Dube is currently refusing to allow those who received a first dose of Moderna’s vaccine to get a faster appointment with a second dose of Pfizer.

Mask wearing will soon be simplified

The National Director of Public Health, Horacio Arruda, promised to soon introduce a “simplified” version of the mask-wearing guidance.

The point is, in the yellow or green areas, covering the face is no longer mandatory in the workplace if physical distancing is observed, which can lead to confusion.

We are doing some work […] for review […] These mask questions […] to achieve consistency,” said Drs Street.

Ongoing discussions with CNESTT are of particular interest to teachers.

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