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The official release date has been announced by Netflix

The official release date has been announced by Netflix

Do we really still need to present the first part of La Casa de Papel season 5? This successful Spanish series, which plunges us into the heart of a gang of thieves more liked than the others, has already delivered four exciting seasons.

If you missed, start quickly, because Season 5 is fast approaching!

Release date, cast, all information about La Casa de Papel Season 5 Part 1

The fifth and final season of 2021

If Season 4 manages to stay in the previous tracks and keep us going all the time, then Netflix and series creator Alex Pina have agreed on the fifth and final season.

Will the masked robbers in Dali finally get out of the Bank of Spain? Professor, is in a very bad position towards Alicia at the end of the season, will you possibly persuade her to join the team? What will happen to the relationship between Denver and Stockholm?

La Casa de Papel 5 release date Part 1

The first part of the fifth season of La Casa de Papel will air on September 3, 2021.

Many questions remain unanswered regarding the scenario for this latest season. What we know now is that filming began in July 2020, and that in March 2021, filming began Filming the fifth season of Casa de Papel It was still in progress.

Since production has definitely slowed due to the global Covid pandemic,

A good surprise to win the fifth season of La Casa de Papel

As far as the actors are concerned, everyone has to be there if we want to believe Alvaro Morte’s Instagram (the professor) or Itzyar Ituno (Lisbon).

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Even if dear Nairobi (spoiler alert!) Sadly passed away during Season 4, we know that the series’ creators love to bring the dead back to the screen via its many flashbacks.

This was especially the case for Berlin, which should also be a part of the cast in Season 5.

Finally, a little surprise Miguel Angel Silvestre who joins the series. The Lito actor in the gorgeous Sense8 series is spotted on set as he kisses the beautiful Ursula Corbero (Tokyo).

Could this be the return of the love of her life that she said she lost to a robbery? Fan theories are rife, but while waiting for La Casa de Papel Season 5, everything is just a hypothesis.

Trailer for La Casa de Papel Season 5 Part 1