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The Nordic Return: Minister Eric Gerrard still believes in it

The Nordic Return: Minister Eric Gerrard still believes in it

Nordic “Minister” Eric Gerrard is not losing hope of the team’s possible return to Quebec, even if the National Hockey League (NHL) says it does not see the “opportunity”.

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“I will not say no,” he replied on the sidelines of a parliamentary committee meeting on Wednesday, in response to a question whether the file had been closed permanently.

His cabinet then indicated that “there will likely be further meetings” with League officials, but no date has yet been set.

Remember that at the end of a virtual meeting that lasted barely an hour last Thursday, the League’s commissioner, Gary Bettman, and his right-hand man, Bill Daly, said they were “satisfied” by the interest shown by Quebec, represented at the time by Eric Girard and his deputy, Pierre Coté.

“Unfortunately, we do not see an opportunity to meet this interest at the present time,” they continued in their statement, which was issued later.

“I have not met either Mr. Bateman nor Mr. Daly, and in that sense, the channels of communication are now open,” Eric Gerrard commented on Wednesday, noting that discussions in the Quartet were of a confidential nature.

It should be noted that the League’s statements were repeated several times, especially in front of journalists, as the possibility of a Nordic resurgence began to appear about ten years ago.

Meanwhile, Las Vegas and Seattle subjected their teams to expansions, while Atlanta Thrashers moved to Winnipeg.

Houston has also been added to the list of contenders for a National League club for some time.

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