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The new trend among Bordeaux residents

According to the latest survey conducted among Bordeaux residents, 63% of them would like to leave their city. The lack of love is caused, among other things, by the search for space, a quieter and less polluted environment.

So more than six in ten Bordella residents would be willing to leave their city. In Bruges, these numbers are taken from a Yougov poll of the best site agentsDon’t surprise most people. In Bruges, a neighboring municipality, the mayor, Brigitte Terraza, is noticing the influx of these new residents who prefer the agglomeration to the capital of the Gironde. “We have a lot of people from Bordeaux who come to Bruges; they often come to Bordeaux and haven’t found what they want, that is, more space.”

If the idea of ​​space ranks third among the criteria for aspiring movers, it is just as true in Bruges, with the obligations that the city council places on promoters.

The mayor of the city is very proud to share the following: “We have an obligation to developers to create sustainable housing, and programs that fit well into the context they’re in,” explains the Mayor.
We enforce open land, parking, materials durable over time, very deep loggias, and across flats. There should also be owners – occupiers, not investors.She continues. A nice tackle was sent to his neighbor, qualified as More and more minerals Which targets the new regions of La Bastide, Bassins à flots and Euratlantique. “in bruges, sIn a program of 100 housing units, we will have a third of the housing with an area of ​​75 square meters, not 65 square meters.

The balance sheet presented by the mayor confirms this trend: “We have renewed our population by more than 50% in 10 years: today we have 45% of Bruges’ population between 25 and 45, with children”.

This appetite for gardens, taking advantage of the transport links to reach Quinconces in 15 minutes, is also confirmed in Blanquefort.

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And Veronique Ferreira, the city’s mayor, notes this every September when she welcomes newcomers. Even if she doesn’t have statistics on the subject, she admits that she is constantly told about this need for green spaces just a stone’s throw from the city. ” People often tell me they want to stay in the city, but in a less urban environment.”. The idea of ​​having culture, cinema and children’s sports nearby is gaining ground, she says. “Because the city is smaller, it’s like a neighborhood and you encounter the same people. Everything is done in the same place.” Without the car, you specify, before returning to “eThen of course there’s the green side: As soon as you look up, you see the trees.”

Several agencies contacted confirmed this trend since the beginning of the pandemic. Indescribable search for “The house with a garden and a pool if possible” It still has good days ahead of it, and it’s true, much more so in urban areas.

But faced with the numbers in this study, Borouge’s agent answered us with some skepticism “Half of our clients aren’t from Bordeaux, that seems like a lot to me.” But they may not be there yet. History will tell who will drown.