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The new face of Gwen Stefani sparks the interest of netizens

The new face of Gwen Stefani sparks the interest of netizens

It wouldn’t be the first time a star has gone under the knife in order to alter their appearance, but this time, let’s say the talk is a lot.

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Passing through Late Night with Seth Meyers, Singer Gwen Stefani caused a stir, but it’s not because of her voice. Instead, it was her appearance that caught the eye.

Many netizens claim that they had a hard time getting to know the 52-year-old actress because of the surgeries she had for sure, which started to worry them.

Gwen Stefani doesn’t look her age. But she didn’t quite have a face at that time Tragic Kingdom no more.

To give you an idea, here are 6 Quebec artists who are about the same age or younger.

1 – Guy Goodwin (55 years old)

photo courtesy

2- Celine Dion 54

Photo agency QMI, Thomas Ekzekowitz

3 – Marina Orsini (53 years old)

Toma Ekzekowitz / QMI

4 – Eric Lapointe (52 years old)

Simon Clark / QMI

5. Martin Matt (52)

photo courtesy

6 – Julie Le Bretton (47 years old)

Sébastien St-Jean / QMI . Agency

Still, huh!

The Bag of Chips still reminds you that if you don’t have anything positive to say about it, do not talk!

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