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The new 2024 Mustang, the star of the Detroit Auto Show | Car News

2024 Ford Mustang Convertible Red

2024 Ford Mustang Convertible Red

Auto123 was on hand for the big reveal Thursday night in Detroit Ford Mustang 2024 review.

If the Detroit Auto Show seems to have lost its luster not only after a catastrophic pandemic break, and it must be admitted, some lack of interest from manufacturers, and even auto enthusiasts for this type of event, press presentation day, which took place this Wednesday in September, allowed us However, many new features have been discovered, many of which have already been revealed elsewhere.

However, American manufacturer Ford has kept a trump card up its sleeve, the all-new Mustang in coupe and convertible versions. Moreover, Ford did not unveil it in the salon itself, but decided to wait until later in the day to announce it to the general public. So, at Hartz Plaza in the same city of Detroit (which underwent a major facelift) we were able to see the new 2023 Mustang.

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2024 Ford Mustang Coupe, three quarters rear

2024 Ford Mustang Coupe, three quarters rear

Not completely renovated

After multiple spy photos were published in the specialized media, many observers thought it would only be a revised version of the current Mustang. Others have added the possibility of a hybrid configuration and still others believe the car will be all-wheel drive. Of course, there has been some whispering about the possibility of an all-electric version. But none of that came true!

Let’s first mention that over the past few years, the Mustang has become the best-selling sports car in the world. Therefore, the Mustang is considered an international sports car, distributed in a large number of countries. Therefore, Ford designers decided to respect the tastes of fans of the brand and preserved its original configuration (do not confuse the coupe and convertible with the Mach-e crossover, which is being renewed!).

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As can be seen from the photos, the Mustang, Mustang GT coupe and convertible have retained their original shape. However, everything from the hood, headlights and above all the large grille that sinks almost under the car to the taillights has been redesigned and remains in three pieces, but completely redesigned, including the lower curved rear fender lines and sides The sidewalls are less sculpted, but their rear wheel arches are more bulging, oddly similar to the rear fenders of an ultra-modern Shelby Super Snake.

2024 Ford Mustang inside

2024 Ford Mustang inside

In the meantime, the interior has been further revised. In fact, if we start with the dashboard, its hardware is now reproduced on a flat digital screen. However, the driver can choose to configure these virtual machines. The same goes for much of the heating and other controls now integrated into a second, central screen, this one. As a result, the old design of the two eyebrow arches on the dashboard disappears. The steering wheel has been redesigned with a flat ring at its base, which now has a wider cross section with bulges to allow the driver’s hands better control. The center console holds the gear lever while the parking brake lever becomes electronic. However, it can still be used as a mechanical brake for drifting or other maneuvers that require locking the rear wheels.

The seats have obviously been redesigned for more comfort and style, while the door trims are now made of materials that allow the speaker grilles to be integrated more discreetly. As for the rear seats and trunk, in addition to the use of new materials, these elements are similar to those from last year.

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2024 Ford Mustang Coupe Front

2024 Ford Mustang Coupe Front

More energy!
The question about the engines, is the same as the two engines in last year’s catalog that go back to the hood of the Mustang. The base engine remains the turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder Ecoboost, while the Mustang GTs will still be equipped with the legendary 5.0-liter Coyote V8, however, Ford has not yet revealed the power and torque of these two engines. Presenters, they will be more powerful and more economical than in the past (that is, without electric assistance).

In fact, those same models told us that the 2023 Mustang GT will be the most powerful GT ever produced! Of course, buyers of these Mustangs will once again have a choice between a six-speed manual transmission or a 10-speed automatic. We reiterate that all Mustangs, coupes and convertibles will only be available with RWD!

Therefore, despite all the rumors, the platform of the Mustang coupe and convertible has not been changed. It has only been slightly revised. We understand that some suspension parts have also been revised, and that the Brembo brakes have been better adapted to the specific needs of the Mustang models, but we should especially mention the steering, which was revised for more precision and control.

This premiere of the Mustang coupe and convertible was a launch pad for the model that should arrive at Ford dealerships later next summer. Then it will be understood that prices will be announced only at this time when the results of energy and consumption are confirmed. Other finishes will certainly be added to those unveiled in Detroit, which should make the Mustang an increasingly sought-after sports car.

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2024 Ford Mustang