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The Neko Sparks “group” is actively seeking funds to purchase the Sens

The Neko Sparks “group” is actively seeking funds to purchase the Sens

In the list of potential buyers for the Ottawa Senators, we find the Nico Sparks group. Who is he, you will ask me?

In fact, this is exactly the question that everyone has been asking in the past few days. There aren’t actually any clear clues to his identity, and it even makes some wonder if he’s an impostor.

This is even more true when we know that the “group” is seeking actively The money is now in order to buy the National Capital Club.

Sounds pretty fishy, ​​let’s put it that way.

Note that Snoop Dogg has partnered with the group in question to buy the Ottawa franchise… but the famous rapper has abandoned the project in the past few days.

It’s particularly troubling because we really wonder where the money that’s been tied to the group’s bid on base comes from. The problem is that we don’t even know who the main interested party is and no one seems to.

Again, it’s a really strange situation.

We read in Text from the athlete that the group is “still alive” in the sale of the Senators and that their only way to “survive” is to make an offer the NHL cannot accept. We are talking about an amount of more than a billion dollars.

But to do that…

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The group must find investors and must try to find a way to get them monetary. Herein lies the problem…

Precisely because of this, the file is more than blurry at the time of this writing.

On the flip side, I tell myself if not the group legalis no longer in the race at this time.

Because, in fact, the league does not have time to play with a group that does not look serious in 2023.

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