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The National Swimming Federation acknowledges that there is “unacceptable behavior”

Mary Mahe, Media 365: Posted on Saturday, June 26, 2021 at 10:40 AM.

Following Maddie Groves’ allegations, the Australian Swimming Federation responded in a statement on Saturday, acknowledging “unacceptable behavior”.

The Australian Swimming Federation eventually reacted. This Saturday, with a press release, the governing body acknowledged the existence of “unacceptable behavior” for decades now. A reaction to the allegations of Maddie Groves, one of its members. In fact, a few weeks ago, the latter knocked on the team’s door and decided not to participate in the Olympic qualifiers this June, in order to condemn the presence of “misconceptions” and “their bootleggers” in the sport. From the sensational media release of Groves, the only dual Olympic silver medalist, the Australian Swimming Federation was isolated at the time and there was even plenty of criticism. Prior to the release of this press release, a meeting was held in the presence of swimmer Maddie Groves.

Groves: “It’s over! “

For its part, in its popular press release, the Swimming Federation of Australia in particular states: “We recognize that some members of the swimming community have experienced unacceptable behavior, some of which dates back decades, while ensuring that a” continuous “work is planned to rectify this. During the Groves uprising, some Australian media outlets reported the news, and six swimmers complained. One of these complaints is also sexual in nature. As a reminder, two weeks ago, to deliver this news, Maddie Groves captured her official Instagram account: “You can no longer exploit young women and girls, be ashamed or frightened by their bodies. For their health, you can then expect them to represent you to earn your annual bonus. It’s over! A message from the public.

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