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The National Bank has an open door to the Open America

The National Bank has an open door to the Open America

Tennis Canada is still confident of hosting the National Bank Open in Montreal and Toronto this summer, but says it is in talks to move the 2021 event to the United States if necessary.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the National Federation took up the situation regarding the competition to be held from August 7 to 15. The female elite will present themselves in Montreal, while the male division will take place in Queen City. Furthermore, the organization clarified that it “continues productive discussions with governments at all levels in Canada, including the ATP and WTA rounds, regarding their health guidelines, and to ensure that all participants in the competition are consistently disciplined and thus ensured.” Everyone’s safety ”.

However, these talks do not confirm the existence of the best croquettes in the country.

“We hope there are many more options for our competition to take place in Montreal and Toronto next August, including two that have already been achieved, including airing or hosting a limited number of viewers.”

“We continue to inform our key partners […] As for our different views, they continue to offer us their support. Tennis Canada has also held initial talks with the USDA to discuss the possibility of hosting tournaments in the United States. However, it is important to understand that these solutions are our last resort, ”he added.

Vaccination is important

Last year, the competition was canceled due to a COVID-19 infection. This time, tennis Canada obviously wants a different scenario.

“We believe the acceleration of vaccination in Canada is a positive sign for the National Bank opening events, so we will continue to focus on hosting these competitions in Toronto and Montreal in August,” said Gavin Zive, Managing Director, National Bank of Toronto. Open. We have to be patient and flexible because the final decision will only be made on the date closest to the matches. We continue to look forward to all scenes while prioritizing the health and safety of players, fans, staff and the general public. ”

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