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The “My Health” space replaces the “Common Medical Record”

My Health Space allows you to store and share your health documents and data with complete confidentiality. You, like health professionals, can submit all important documents related to your health. explanations.

Management and protection throughHealth Insurance, “My Health Space” It is a French public service that allows everyone to store and share their documents and health data completely confidential, free and secure, all with data hosted in France.

in strict secrecy

Having been tested since July 2021 in three divisions, Haute-Garonne, Loire-Atlantique and Somme, “My Health Space” is now available. Its goal: to facilitate procedures and exchanges with health professionals to obtain better care.

You can oppose its creation

If you are affiliated with Health Insurance, you will receive an email (or postal mail) by March asking you to activate your Health Space. You will then have a period of 6 weeks after receiving the letter to object to its creation. Without a response from you, your health space will be created automatically. Note that French people who have a shared medical file (DMP) will automatically find their file and their health data stored there as soon as the My Health Space is activated.

Improving medical follow-up

Like a “Health Book” but online, “Mon Espace Santé” will store your medical information such as treatments, test results, your medical history or your hospitalization reports … and aims to improve medical monitoring, especially in the event of an emergency. It will be available to a limited number of health professionals. This secure messaging system will be dedicated to confidential exchanges between patients and healthcare professionals.

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