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The MSU wheelchair football team is ready to represent the United States in Switzerland

The MSU wheelchair football team is ready to represent the United States in Switzerland

East Lansing, Mich. (WLNS) – There is a lot to travel when it comes to becoming a college athlete. For the Michigan State Wheelchair Football Team, you are getting ready for the ultimate travel experience.

The Spartans are ready to take part in the Swiss Wheelie Open in Switzerland. Seven teams from six countries are participating in the tournament, and only MSU will be from the United States.

Aside from fighting, the way he plays floorball is similar to hockey.

“The same number of players, we have to add a goalkeeper, we use hockey sticks. There are some different rules, but it (hockey) is probably the closest sport, “said MSU captain and kinesiology instructor Pyotr Basic.

MSU will leave for Switzerland on Tuesday to play three games on Thursday, three games on Friday and two games on Saturday.

“Everyone wants to play in college. It is excellent to represent not only the state of Michigan but also the United States. Floorball aside, I don’t think I get this opportunity. This is a great opportunity, “said MSU junior defenseman Liam Dar.

Opportunity to represent the university and the country Spartans will not be the first to do so. In 2019, they went to the Netherlands to participate in a floorball tournament.

“The teams we met in 2019, the national teams organizing their own tournaments in their respective countries, so we got involved,” BASIC said.

Dar said: “I jumped at the chance because who can go to Switzerland to play hockey in a wheelchair? Not a lot of people. ⁇

Making the trip possible, support and sponsorships from the Michigan State community helped cover some of the costs.

“As students with disabilities represent the university, students with disabilities can enjoy competitive sports in a way that they have never been able to do before. It is the best in terms of diversity, equality and content, ”said Basik.

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