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"The motorcycle remains the only space for freedom"

“The motorcycle remains the only space for freedom”

[Article disponible dans le Quotidien du jeudi 28 juillet 2022]
On Tuesday, the government abandoned the motorcycle technical control project. Excellent news for motorcyclists and motorcyclists of large size, and it is less useful for environmental protection associations. As for the implications of road accidents involving two wheels, opinions are more divided.

FFM (French Federation of Motorcyclists) and FFMC (same, but added C for anger) champagne appeared on Tuesday, when announcing the withdrawal of the decree to make technical control of motorcycles mandatory. After twelve years of debates, demonstrations, and political travels, the engine was shut down. “ We have shown, with supporting figures, that the technical examination has nothing to do with road safety,” summonedDidier Renaud, General Delegate fact finding mission, After his meeting with the Ministry of Transport.

In fact, Damien Narsaba, a Rhino psychologist who specializes in road safety, recalls,“Only 1% of fatal motorcycle accidents are caused by technical failure or lack of maintenance, especially brakes and tyres.”. He adds 5% of the things that cannot be estimated: the passing of an animal or the falling of pebbles, for example.

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