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The most popular methods of hair extensions

If you’re interested in getting hair extensions but don’t know where to start, you might want to take a look at some of the most popular options out there. With so many different products available, it really can help to get an idea of where to start looking.

Whether you are interested in 20 inch hair extensions or pieces for short and curly hair, we’ve got you covered with a variety of different methods and other solutions that might be worth checking out.

Why use tape-in extensions?

Fairly new to the hairstyling world, tape in extensions are an excellent choice for several reasons – and their recent popularity speaks for itself. The application involves placing polyurethane extension panels that have double-sided tape against the hairline, in intervals that sit both naturally and comfortably for the wearer. They are generally considered to be an incredibly safe and affordable option for those who want longer, fuller-looking hair.

What about clip-in extensions?

Another incredibly popular choice is clip-ins, mainly because they’re considered to be the simplest and most cost-effective option. You could add these yourself in the space of around 15 minutes, which is certainly something that many people will find appealing.

Don’t overlook sew-ins

Sew in extensions may be one of the older methods, but that doesn’t mean that they’ve fallen out of favour or functionality in recent years. In fact, they’re still a worthwhile option for several reasons. Firstly, they can last much longer than their tape-in counterparts and can blend more seamlessly than clip-ins. They will cost you more and require some time for installation, but many find the end result to be worth the investment. They can be the best choice for individuals with thick and/or coarse hair.

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Looking for a wig?

There are plenty of wigs for women on the market today and it seems that social media has played a huge part in their ever-growing popularity. Great for a quick change, a bold style, or even a more modest look; the shapes, styles, colours and price brackets are almost endless. You can find a range of brands and materials too, and you’ll have a great selection both online and in stores. If you want to keep your wig safe, it might be worth investing in a wig stand.

How do you find the right hair extensions for you?

There are often a lot of things that can determine how good a particular type of hair extension will be, but there are factors based on your unique requirements that will determine whether or not one is right for you (tape-in extensions may not work well with brittle hair, for example). This is why it’s always worth taking the time to look around and do some research before you make a commitment.