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The most advanced and brightest OLED TV yet?

The most advanced and brightest OLED TV yet?

While the G1 totally convinced us last year, LG was able to make big and obvious improvements with its successor, the LG OLED evo G2. The points discussed in the G1 are the ancient history, the picture is brighter than ever in HDR, it is brimming with detail with the power of sharpness and sharpness, and that, even when it comes to viewing content.

The G2 is simply better than its predecessor in every respect. Not only does the heatsink boost the peak light by about 15%, but the α9 Gen5 AI processor gets thinner and doubles the good points. We also see clear progress in terms of factory calibration, as color metering is flawless from the moment you choose the picture mode dedicated to cinema, in SDR as in HDR. No doubt some will see indispensable AI functions, however they are formidable for image analysis and optimization.

The LG OLED evo G2 will appeal to moviegoers as well as aficionados and fans of series or other entertainment. Features, OS, Interface, Game Enhancer, and Revitalized Gallery Design: A barrage of technologies and improvements make the G2 among the best TVs today.

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