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The Montcalm Neighborhood Council surveys residents

The Montcalm Neighborhood Council surveys residents

Through June 24, residents of the Montcalm neighborhood as well as people who frequent the neighborhood are invited to participate in an online citizen consultation in the form of a survey.

This initiative aims to update Montcalm's 2014 vision, which has until now served as a frame of reference for setting the direction of the neighborhood council. Bruno Theriault, director, explains that after ten years, council members felt it was time to relaunch a consultative process to better understand the priorities and needs of Montcalm residents.

Although the neighborhood council sessions are a place open to everyone and a unique space to feel the pulse of the neighborhood, the administrators wanted to go further and collect testimonies from the largest possible number of people.

“We hope to get as many answers as possible and make sure the information is disseminated as much as possible,” says Bruno Theriault.

poll It was prepared by members of the Board of Directors in partnership with the company There are questions relating to a wide range of topics related to neighborhood development. Topics such as housing, mobility, co-living, environment, local services, heritage conservation and even road safety.

Two-stage consultation

Mr. Theriault describes the online survey as the first stage of a consultation process that began in the spring. Once the results are compiled, neighborhood council members will reserve the topics that most impacted participants with the aim of organizing thematic workshops to discuss specific issues in more depth. Mr. Theriault explains that these exchange sessions will also be an opportunity to reach a part of the population that is less oriented towards technological tools. Discussion workshops will bring together citizens, key players in the neighborhood as well as experts on selected topics in a friendly atmosphere. Currently, council members estimate the number of workshops planned at three to four.

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It is possible to complete the questionnaire through follow-up this link.