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The Ministry of Justice is investigating the leak of classified documents

(Washington) The US Department of Justice has opened an investigation to try to identify the source of leaks of classified documents linked in particular to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, published this week on social media, it was announced Saturday.

According to the first findings, these leaks concern not only reports and documents related to the conflict in Ukraine, but also highly sensitive analyzes regarding US allies.

“We have contacted the Ministry of Defense about this and have opened an investigation,” a ministry spokesman told AFP.

Dozens of classified documents have been released on Twitter, Telegram, Discord and other social networks in recent days, and new documents are still emerging.

The US Department of Defense also said on Friday that it was investigating the matter.

according to Washington PostCiting US officials, some of these documents appear to have been forged. But most of them are original and consistent with CIA reports circulating in the White House, the Pentagon, or the State Department, says the same source.

These leaks may be beneficial to Moscow, as these documents show the extent to which US intelligence services have penetrated certain parts of the Russian military apparatus, according to US media analysis.

Especially since some of them contain information related to the internal discussions of governments allied with the United States.

For example, a document highlighted government discussions in South Korea about the possibility of supplying artillery shells to Ukraine, according to the The New York Times.

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