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The mayor of this small town leads the crowd every year


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A special custom in a small town in West London, the mayor’s weight is checked every year against the previous year, the crowd applauds him if he loses something, otherwise the crowd cheers him on. 300 years of tradition.

AT High WycombeA small town in West London (United Kingdom), Every year a procession goes through the streets. The mayor, following his municipal councilThe iceball is taken to be weighed under the eyes of the citizens in order to be verified If he does not gain weight at the expense of the taxpayer.

The entire city council passes the balance and public reactions vary. If a person does not gain weight, they will be praised. If she picks something up, she’s AlOr shout a lot. “This is a unique heritage of the city that needs to be protected”A resident says.

A 17th century tradition

The tradition of weighing elected officials dates back to the 17th century. Queen Elizabeth I realized this and introduced the measure The village dignitaries were weighted by the taxes paid by the people. For 300 years, Elected municipal officials have always had the same pride in yielding to this weight.

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