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The mayor challenges the Ministry of Transport

The mayor challenges the Ministry of Transport

The mayor of Lanoraie, in Lanaudière, has been exhausted by the inaction of the Quebec Ministry of Transport (MTQ) after repeatedly asking for new signs at an intersection deemed dangerous, and decided to take over on Saturday.

Due to the danger of the intersection of Chemin Joliette and Avenue des Tilleuls, Gérard Jean decided to go and install new signage himself as well as pedestrian crossing paint.

I am still responsible for 5100 citizens and since 2015 we follow the Ministry of Transport at this crossing. “They don’t want to give it to us,” the mayor explained in an interview with LCN.

“I, I will be leaving politics on November 7, and I do not want to be aware that one of my countrymen is being crushed here,” said Mr. Jean.

The intersection in question is located on the edge of a promenade as well as the city’s main shops. Residential area is also close by. So the traffic is fairly high in the area.

Despite his brilliance, the mayor ensures he has the support of his community.

“Since then, people have been passing by [et me disent] “Congratulations, Mr. Mayor.” “You are the best.” I think people are waiting for this and at one point people were telling me “what are you doing?” “He said.

And so the mayor of Lanuray decided that he would no longer wait for the intervention of the ministry, which also arrived at the scene in the morning to question him.

“I took the bull by the horns. I am delinquent in doing so. He told me I had no right. Well, I said you would have the loathing to come and undo it if you came to undo it. But I won’t be alone, the citizens will be behind me,” insisted Mr. Jean.

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It remains to be seen if the stop signs and pedestrian crossings are here to stay or if MTQ will step in.

The Quebec Department of Transportation confirmed to TVA Nouvelles that it would provide an answer on Monday, while noting in a press release that road signs are framed.

“Standard setting follows a specific process supervised by certified engineers,” the ministry said.