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The match against the United States before the World Cup is a “real test”.

“This match is ready to face Canada. Both teams have the same football approach. It is no coincidence that they (US) are ranked 15th in the FIFA rankings, which is a real test for us. “

While welcoming the “good atmosphere and mood” that reigns within the team, the national coach acknowledged the difficulties in inviting players to international competitions after a long season.

“There are big difficulties, the players only have a week off before the match. I told the players it was their adventure and they need to be prepared to excel physically.” Add: “There are a lot of uncertainties, especially due to injuries. I would like to favor players who have more playing time and more match time.

Plenty in the same direction, Atlas Lions captain Roman Chase said, “The atmosphere is necessarily good, although we know that the duration of international matches at the end of the season will always be a bit more complicated. ‘

Commenting on the challenge of the match against Team USA, he said, “The meeting to prepare for the World Cup is a testament to the motivation.” Asked about the history of the match between Morocco against the United States – three wins for the national team in several friendly matches – the Moroccan coach pointed out that American football is “so advanced”.

“If they were in 15th place today, I understand, because most American players play for the biggest clubs in Europe,” he said. There are physical qualities, and it can really be a big test for us.

Further emphasizing: “For me the World Cup starts tomorrow. You have to be ready for the World Cup for at least six months “, before mentioning at the World Cup,” We are not the favorites, we fell into a very tough team, but we are going to look for the record “.

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The national coach and team captain also wanted to congratulate WAC and Renaissance de Bergen at the continental level for their coronation ceremony.

“In addition to our qualification for the World Cup, I think this is a good year for Moroccan football with two continental titles. These are important things for Moroccan football. Said Sauce.

“I hope the World Cup will be a sacred one for Moroccan football,” the Atlas Lions coach concluded, for his part.