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The Masked Singers: Animals Steal The Show!

The Masked Singers: Animals Steal The Show!

The scenery is impressive, the songs are catchy and the detectives are energized on the set of “Masked Singers,” the brilliant new collection drawn by Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge that TVA will unveil on Sunday, 6.30pm. The strongest reactions are from a Quebec quote about the “King of the Masked Singer”, a South Korean concept.

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And for good reason. The real works of art in which 15 local characters from different backgrounds (arts and entertainment, sports, politics, etc.) are hidden are impressive. Made for an average of 450 hours by a team of 35 craftsmen, the costumes had an immediate impact.

In the first episode presented to the media, five animals make their presence felt long before their inhabitant is heard pushing the tune. Metal moose, wedding owl, cat goddesses, blanchon and birds are both imposing and impressive. They have nothing to do with festival mascots or other standardizing events.

It is clear that not only animals were called. Many surprises are yet to come, as a giant cake and cake are expected to be served in the coming weeks.

The interest aroused by these large animals increases tenfold when one hears sounds one does not immediately recognize, and offers sequential versions – skillfully orchestrated by Fred Saint Gillet – such as “It’s My Life”, “So We Dance” or “Say Something”.

Another strength of the musical encounter lies in the paintings that welcome the masked guests, and therefore are unrecognizable. We move easily from a rocky environment to an Egyptian world and a world where circus arts are displayed, among other things.

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In addition to being entertaining, the production has a two-level competitive component that enhances the games.

WE 0918 Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge

photo courtesy

First, the costumed singers must win the endorsement of detectives Sam Britton, Veronique Decayer, Marc Dupree, Anouk Meunier, and Stéphane Rousseau, as well as the audience in the studio so that they are not quickly fired. The character who will remain unknown until the end of the adventure will win the first gold mask.

For their part, the five detectives would have to guess as many guests as possible if they wanted to inherit the Golden Ear. Like viewers, they are entitled to some clues before each performance in order to exchange ideas. They soon allowed themselves to win the game, as a direct result of the importance given to the confidentiality of participants by producers who made sure that as few people as possible could find out their identity.

In short, we didn’t make it too easy for them. to the audience either.

“The Masked Singers”, Sundays at 6.30 pm, on TVA, just before “The Revolution”.

– 1 acrobatic winch

– 2 giant masks, 6.4 meters high

– 11 cameras are on

– 94 people can be connected simultaneously

410 floor lighting video tiles with 10 million pixels

More than 500 lighting devices