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The map shows the size of the mouse plaque in Australia

The map shows the size of the mouse plaque in Australia

An interactive map that allows people to report mouse shots has revealed the extent of the rodent epidemic in Australia.

Millions of rats have wreaked havoc on farms in eastern Australia in recent months as they eat crops and store grain.

Fast-growing animals forced supermarkets to store food in sealed containers, and even bit many hospital patients.

Map Developed by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) and the Government of New South Wales, it allows farmers and grain producers to report rat sightings.

According to a March CSIRO report, the number of rats was “moderate in many parts of southern Queensland; North, Central and South New South Wales; Northwest Victoria; Some parts of South Australia and Ravenstarp, WA “.

Alternative rats were “bred in summer / autumn and raised in winter seedlings,” he warned, adding that “it is not known what impact the recent rains will have on the population.”

“The number of rats in other areas is low, but irregular,” he said.

MouseAlert website and app map is broken by mouse function, red represents high function, medium orange and low yellow. Gray dots indicate that observations have been reported, but the impact has not been assessed.

Many red circles appear on the east coast of Australia, indicating the presence of numerous rodents.

“Rats are a major problem in Australia, causing severe economic, social and environmental damage during epidemics,” the website says.

“Grain areas are damaging crops and stored grains; rural businesses are being damaged by rats plucking electrical equipment and cables; rural communities are experiencing high levels of stress due to the persistence of rats. Damage to a wide variety of crops.

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“MouseAlert is a social resource that anyone can use to record mouse footage. The information you record can be used to effectively manage the damage caused by rats and to plan control measures. “

The rodent infestation in Australia prompted the government to grant emergency permission to allow the use of dual force stimuli.

Videos posted on social media illustrate the extent of the problem, with images showing live and dead rats. Farm machinery rain Or Gathered around the farms.

Australia is frequently infested with rodents, which produce an average of 500 young per season. At worst, in 1993, it caused $ 96 million ($ 54 million) in damage to crops, machinery and animals.