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50% des cas de Dengue sont recensés au Port : La majorité passe une motion

The majority pass a proposal

A proposal made by the majority group “Le Port Nout Avenir” related to vector control in the port territory
Le Port Municipal Council – April 13, 2021

Considering the release of ORSEC’s ARBVirus Level 4 Governor of LaRunion since July 10, 2018;
Considering that Le Porte has meteorological characteristics that favor the growth of mosquitoes and that 50% of the island’s recorded cases are in the harbor;
Considering the warning I have addressed to the Minister of Overseas Territories, Mrs. Annick Girardin, as of April 1, 2020 by the Mayor of Le Port, regarding the risks associated with the dual health crisis DENGUE and COVID and the lack of necessary resources, combating dengue fever and educating citizens;
Given that Le Port has never stopped fighting dengue fever, thanks to:

  • Three-dimensional cell work – for disinfection, disinfection and disposal of germs – which, on a daily basis, ensures awareness-raising processes among the population, monitoring and destruction of breeding sites throughout the territory,
  • The municipal police which, through their daily patrols, contribute to the vigil for the province in the context of combating dengue fever by monitoring ELVs in the territory and unsanitary causes, and an immediate request to quickly clean the plot in question;

Considering that the municipality has submitted an official notification to the state, the department, the Investment and International Cooperation Committee, as well as GTOI and SODEXCO to clean their lands;
Considering the work of PEC LAV agents, who are present daily in the field, who work to preserve public health and our commitment to the side of the state in disease vector control;
Considering that our requests for additional PEC LAV, whether directed to the Minister of Overseas Territories or the Governor, are being heard but remain below our needs and expectations;
Considering that the “Kour bottom” operations together with our partners made it possible to process 176.5 tons of bulky materials, 7 tons of green waste and 192 electrical and electronic waste among people at risk;
Consider appointing 10 environmental ambassadors on civil contracts, with the aim of increasing awareness of environmental issues.
Consider the specific actions undertaken by ARS: walk-in intervention in the residential area of ​​a declared case, mosquito control operations with larvicides and adult killing treatments, adult killing treatment in all schoolyards and Isnelle Amelin nursery school, and distribution of traps to residents in SAY and PISCINE counties ;
Finally, bearing in mind that despite all our efforts, the dengue epidemic is a scourge affecting all families in Puerto Ouaz;
Mindful that we hear their suffering and that we will continue to stand by them to fight this disease;
All the elected representatives of “Le Port Nout Avenir” remember that fighting dengue fever is everyone’s responsibility and ask:

  • It is up to the state to urgently put in place the necessary means to combat the vector in Le Port, given the number of cases which represent 50% of those affected on the island;
  • Improving treatment processes in communal housing by training municipal employees by ARS to carry out diagnostic campaigns,
  • It is up to social landlords to join our collective work and advocate for their responsibility,
  • – Mobilization of associations, urgently and over a period of two or three months, for the purposes of mediation and awareness of the destruction of breeding sites with state approval for environmental ACI workers,
  • Companies and industrialists are responsible for maintaining their operating sites and destroying breeding sites,
  • Supporting companies and manufacturers to help us and promote union action in the port area in the interest of combating dengue fever.
  • In Portoises and Portois, protect yourself from mosquito bites and eliminate breeding grounds around your home, be vigilant and do not hesitate to consult your doctor to reduce dangerous forms of the disease.
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