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The magic of the process to attract The White Lotus series to Quebec

Quebec will be the perfect shooting location for a new season white lotusQuebec destination quote says. A few days after the airing of the final episode of the second season of the series, which concerns a hotel chain, the tour group attempts a magic operation with the producers.

“You need a hotel; We have the most photographed photos in the world! Here’s the first argument that Destination Québec director Robert Mercure makes in a document addressed to the HBO series’ creator, Mike White.

In addition to the charms of Château Frontenac, Destination Suggestion cites five other reasons why Quebec is absolutely perfect for: white lotus “:” majestic river “,” enchanting atmosphere “,” especially because of the old Quebec fortifications and architecture “,” winter charm “,” wild nature “without forgetting the attractive exchange rate.

“We felt there was an opportunity to draw attention to our destination and promote it to potential producers. Quebec is simply magical. In a press release.

After Hawaii and Sicily, he worked white lotus Could it happen in Quebec? Follow.

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