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The Magic Family: A new comedy series for the whole family

The Magic Family: A new comedy series for the whole family

Radio Canada unveiled the details of the new sitcom on Wednesday Magic family Which will debut on ICI TOU.TV in 2021-2022.

The series tells the story of the life of magician Daniel Kotto and his beloved family, all of whom have absurd supernatural powers that they try to hide.

In addition to Daniel Couto himself, the cast is based on Mary Chantal Perron, Luke Sinai, Stephan Crete, Carmen Silvestre, Audrey Greyjoyian, Sharon James, and many more talented young actors.

The official summary reads as follows: After being appointed official magician at the prestigious Cadabra club, Daniel Cotto decided to return to live “temporarily” with his parents with two teenagers, Houdini-Maude and Merlin, and his dear wife Roxanne, whom he accidentally transformed into a lamp by a stormy evening. (These are things that happen to Koto!)

Even if it wasn’t always comfortable living in a magical home of four generations, Coutu will learn to stay together without pounding each other on their feet. Thankfully, the family is tightly woven like Mémé Gripette shawls made of foam.

Malire, a witch who fell just a stone’s throw from Coutu’s home, lives with his son Ali Baba, Merlin’s great friend. Claire, Ali’s mother also lives not far away, much like Flavin, Houdini’s Mood’s girlfriend who still lives.

Magic family It is described as “a show that allows young people to realize how true power lies in the end between two ears.”

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