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The Love Island winning couple brings bad news

The Love Island winning couple brings bad news

all lovers love island You’d be surprised to know the season two winning couple, Amanda and Matthew, broke up. Captured in separation during an interview.

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It’s in the first episode of the new podcast Sergio’s talks That two island residents, Charel Senius Estenville and Matthew Dufresne, were invited to talk about the separation.

At the time, Matthew confided, in English, to his recent breakup.

“For me…Now that we’ve talked about it, I just broke up a few days ago, and how I feel, of course it’s hard, it’s never easy. Just so you know, that girl is the girl from Love Island, which I won with.”

Matthew wanted to make it clear that despite the fact that he met Amanda on a reality show, their feelings for each other were real.

“For us, it was 100% true, on my part anyway, and I believe on his side too. Unfortunately, when you go on these shows, you’re in a perfect world. It’s all right, you have nothing around you that can bother you. The only thing you have to do is eat and sleep.”

It is the return to the real world that would have overcome their love. The young man goes on to say that after their return, the bubble quickly collapsed.

“The first week was fine, I was on a little cloud, we just won the show and everything, and the second week for me was really hard. I realized, ‘Oh my God, I don’t know you, I don’t know you with your friends, I don’t know you with your family and in your real life,’ but we We went through it and it was okay, and I fell in love even deeper after that.”

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Despite all this, after a few months, the couple realized that they were not on the same page. In general, Matteo ends by saying that this relationship was very beautiful.

Since the breakup is recent, he’s still struggling, but he wanted to explain the downside of the relationship after a reality show. See the full interview here.

We wish them much happiness during this difficult ordeal!

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