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The Lord of the Rings: Season 2 will be filmed in the UK, not New Zealand

The Lord of the Rings: Season 2 will be filmed in the UK, not New Zealand

Amazon returns to its original plan.

Shortly after announcing the spinoff series Lord of the Rings (From more precisely Silmerillion) Will air from September 2, 2022, Weekly, reveals that Amazon is coming into production in the UK, not its second season in New Zealand. A situation that logically dissatisfied local officials who congratulated themselves on being able to create hundreds of jobs through this ambitious series: Economy Minister Stuart Nash revealed that Amazon had spent 60 460 million ($ 436 million). In this domestic shoot, in total about $ 1 billion.

The crazy budget of the Lord of the Rings adaptation

And Selection of New Zealand To serve as the natural backdrop for this new adaptation Lord of the Rings Not surprisingly, Peter Jackson has already chosen the same locations to film his two trilogy, Amazon recalls The original plan was to film the series in Scotland : In 2019, when the Govt-19 epidemic closed many large products, the company even set aside a vast campus to shoot the first season before moving everything thousands of kilometers away. This time, the New Zealanders succeeded in implementing a policy “Zero Govt”Like Australia, both countries used the opportunity to welcome multiple teams of films and series.

Ian McCallon’s call to “save” JRR Tolkien’s house

The idea behind this change of filming locations is that JRR Tolkien was inspired by his books (inspired by the landscape of northern England, Scotland and Ireland), but the studio should be respected. The current strategy is to integrate most of its British products into the UK. Thanks for the product His press release “The people and government of New Zealand for their hospitality and commitment in creating this introductory series. This is a wonderful place to embark on this epic journey.”

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