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"The link between certain gangs and the authorities at the highest level" worry in Haiti

“The link between certain gangs and the authorities at the highest level” worry in Haiti

Wednesday, November 10, 2021 (( – No matter how many vehicles the United States has donated to the Haitian National Police, the end of the fight against insecurity will not be for tomorrow. That impunity remains and will continue to be the rule in Haiti, with international complicity. Closer to home, the unacceptable presence of Leon Charles in the Organization of American States, when he is accused of being the origin of the formation of a group of criminal gangs within the Palestinian National Party.

The security situation in Haiti is so out of control that kidnappings for ransom and countless crimes in Port-au-Prince and its metropolitan areas are under the control of gangs.

According to experts in citizen security and human rights, “ The most disturbing aspect of the situation is the alleged association between some gangs and state authoritiesWhich is reflected in the impunity enjoyed by the gang members.

The ban on fuel distribution for several weeks has led many senior citizens to ask the following question: Where exactly are the PHTK regime and its sponsors through actions and so-called challenges posed by the G9 gangs and their allies, are they ready to lead the country? ? And all this at what cost?

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