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The Last Spell is full of new stuff with Glenwald Calling

The Last Spell is full of new stuff with Glenwald Calling

The Rogolite tactical The last spell Liked by my colleague Sebastian Prepare update Glenwald calling. Thus, the Arcade Crew and Ishtar game studio mark the arrival of a new map, three levels of Apocalypse, a new enemy, many improvements, fixes and balances of all kinds.

This new trailer lifts the veil on Glenwald, a city full of obstacles dotted with fog monitors that emit waves of mist to obscure certain parts of the map, thus enemies lurking there. Glenwald Calling also marks the arrival of the Guardian, a new type of enemy that allows nearby monsters to take advantage of defensive improvements.

The Guardian is particularly comfortable on the rugged terrain of Glenwald and greatly complicates The Last Spell’s relentless games, especially in the three new Apocalypse levels. Global overview of additions, improvements, and credits for Glenwald Calling update available Here.

Many strategists have already embarked on this impossible quest for human survival, by immersing themselves inThe Last Spell Early Access on Steam. Reviews of over 3,500 players were generally “very positive”.

The last spell In a few highlights

  • Fantastic turn-based battles: Properly equipping, positioning and leading your teams is essential to dealing with the horde of enemies presenting themselves and avoiding being overrun or defeated.
  • Huge replayability: Random survivors of enemies, equipment, and locations make every game unpredictable and devilishly fun. Procedural generation is the core of the game, to maximize variety and adrenaline.
  • Think about your defensive strategy: Add and upgrade buildings in your shelter or fortify important areas with barricades to slow the inevitable advance of enemy forces.
  • A big rewarding challenge: Learn from your painful defeats to become humanity’s last hope with new and more effective tactics and permanently unlock weapons, skills and buildings.
  • Exceptional soundtrack: The remarkable OST instrument, between synths and progressive metal, is by Remy Gallego, a French artist known as Algorithm. Find a soundtrack for sale Here.
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Severe but fair, The Last Spell is a game where survival is a miracle. Only the sharpest and bravest minds will succeed in maintaining the sanctuary. This simple task will not be easy.