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The Last Frontier, Achievement Shock on Audrey Bohely’s Planet

The Last Frontier, Achievement Shock on Audrey Bohely’s Planet

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Audrey Boyle released “Last Limits: Learn to Live in a Finite World” on March 22. (©DR)

In what world do we live tomorrow? Published on March 22nd, Audrey Boilly, resident of Montmorency (Val d’Oise), last limits : Learn to live in a limited world Put different topics on the table.

In 1972, the report world The promoter issues an alert. Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology revealed dire consequences for the future of the planet. to the journalist and Activist dedicated to the cause environmentalThis report came as a shock.

Real awareness of the scale of environmental challenges has increased. This document has completely changed my view of things. So I wanted to provide a technical and scientific answer through my book.

Audrey BoyleJournalist, author and founder of the “Non au Terminal 4” group

common concern

It reveals that six planetary boundaries (thresholds) must not be crossed in order not to compromise living conditions on the planet LandEditor’s note) out of nine that have been crossed out: climate change, biodiversity erosion, ocean acidification, and increased aerosols in the weather

The reader attends in his work to reveal the consequences and dangers engendered by these planetary boundaries.

Worried about the future of her two daughters and all this news generationThe journalist decided to investigate the prospects of the 21st century.

According to the expert, saving our living conditions on earth stems from numerous decisions and awareness population.

I investigated 50 years after the Meadows Report, to show where we are today with these environmental transgressions. In order to get out of this predicament, I highlight different ways to change our societal model which, for the time being, does not reflect a positive environmental future.

Audrey Bohelli

It reveals a flaw in our current society paradigm, particularly in the Overconsumption or an increase in greenhouse gases.

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accessible solutions

If the book presents the grim truth of the future from my brotheras well as learn how to act responsibly and respectfully with the resources of the planet, in order to preserve them.

The solutions are multiple. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report certifies that the carbon footprint has doubled over the past ten years. We must cut greenhouse gas emissions by 5% and completely review our consumption. The goal is to reduce the environmental footprint through sobriety, consuming less water, materials and agricultural land.

Audrey Bohelli

For a journalist, the success of all these solutions depends on everyone’s small individual gestures.

decisive interventions

To carry out the investigation, the author surrounded herself with twelve professionals (geologist, agronomist, Political scientist…) including economist Gael Giraud and scholar Aurelien Boutaud.

Each is highlighted, through different studies, for a better understanding of different issues environmental.

Audrey Boyle hopes her book will allow readers to see the urgency of the environmental crisis.

Maeva Lewis Alexander

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