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The last Canadian expected in the East

The last Canadian expected in the East

The 2021-22 season will be difficult for the Montreal Canadiens. After being in the final in the summer of 2021, the team saw the majority of its hockey organization dismantled after a terrible start to the season, and then the rebuilding process began.

Despite everything, there are still winds of optimism in Montreal at the moment. The arrival of Kent Hughes, Jeff Gorton and Martin St. Louis to important positions in the hockey team as well as many promising young players in the organization indicates that after the rain will come good weather.

On the other hand, good weather probably won’t come next year. Young people still need development and there is still a slight lack of it star power In CH currently. It might be a little worse than last year, but maybe not by much.

In a survey of journalists from the athlete (They also predicted that Juraj Slafkovsky didn’t have much chance of winning the Calder Cup), they expect CH to finish last in the East.

After all, it makes sense: almost all teams in the East can hope to get close to racing for the series (with the exception of CH). Maybe not Sword, Flyers, or Demons, but they’re still a bit better than CH.

It should also be borne in mind that the Hab, although it could be better than last year if the Infirmary wasn’t overflowing to the same extent, they’ll play in the strong Atlantic section. The Lightning, Panthers, and Maple Leafs are still hockey machines, the Bruins should stay strong, and the Senators and Red Wings have been greatly improved. Then there is the sword, which has a lot of potential.

Speaking of the Panthers, their season will be very interesting to follow the Canadian because the first-round pick for Florida belongs to the Canadian. However, almost all of the journalists surveyed the athlete We expect to see them in the playoffs (which they probably will).

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No, (maybe) not by their choice that CH would choose Conor Bedard. On the other hand, he might have a chance.

In this same survey, 2.3% of journalists see the Habs group finish last (and, at the same time, have the best chance of winning). Bedard Derby). Re-Call : The team can win the lottery twice in a five-year period, which means CH still has a chance of getting the first choice next year.

At 2.3%, that’s significantly lower than the Blackhawks and Coyotes, but hey.

Personally, I would expect CH to be at least a little better than it was last year, but obviously expect to see them in the Eastern Lowlands. The team hasn’t changed much since last year, and even if Martin St. . And in a very difficult Eastern Conference, it is even clearer.

At least that gives reason to believe that the team has a chance to draft Beddard, Matvey Michkov or Adam Fantelli next year as consolation prize…

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