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Putin admits there are "dozens" of Covid patients in his entourage

The Kremlin considers the idea of ​​sanctions against Putin “devastating”

Moscow | The Kremlin described, on Wednesday, the idea of ​​imposing sanctions on Russian President Vladimir Putin as “devastating”, which was raised the day before by his US counterpart Joe Biden in the event of an invasion of Ukraine.

“Politically, this is not painful, it is destructive,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters, saying the sanctions would have no effect.

On Tuesday, to a reporter who asked him if he could personally consider punishing the Russian president, Joe Biden answered “Yes,” and then “I can picture that.”

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The US president noted that if Russia “invaded the whole country”, or “much less”, there would be “serious consequences” and “it would change the world.”

However, Joe Biden did not specify the nature of these potential sanctions against Mr. Putin.

When Washington imposes sanctions on foreign figures, this often involves freezing their assets and prohibiting transactions with the United States.

Peskov pointed out to him that Russian law prohibits in principle the country’s top officials from owning assets abroad, and therefore believes that such measures are “not at all painful” for the authorities.

Russia has deployed tens of thousands of troops to Ukraine’s border in recent months and has stepped up its maneuvers, raising fears of an invasion.

If Moscow denies any such project, the Kremlin insists on written guarantees of its security, including a promise that Kiev will not join NATO.

After a series of diplomatic talks in Europe last week aimed at defusing the crisis, a meeting of diplomatic advisors to the Russian, Ukrainian, French and German presidents is scheduled for Wednesday, in the so-called “Normandy”. Figure, where Paris and Berlin act as mediators.

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“I hope that it will be a good and open discussion that will lead to maximum results,” said Dmitry Peskov.