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The joys and sorrows of playing for the Canadian

The joys and sorrows of playing for the Canadian

Wearing the Montreal Canadiens uniform is a privilege that comes with its share of joys and limitations, the faith of Alexandre Picard.

The former NHL defender expanded his short stint with Saint Flannel in 2010-2011 with host Jean-Philippe Bertrand during his stint on the podcast “La DOS de plus”.

“For me, it was my life’s dream to be able to wear a Canadian uniform,” said the man who now works as an analyst for TVA Sports.

Pickard joined Habs as a free agent in July 2010, having served with the Philadelphia Flyers, Tampa Bay Lightning, Ottawa Senators, and Carolina Hurricans.

He made it clear that he was a two-part decade ago with CH, because he was Canadian. He is also proud to have taken his place with the club.

“I deserved my place and I was very proud of myself. My worth was proven when I replaced the organization with Ryan O’Byrne to make room for me,” he remembers.

Being Quebec and playing for Blanc Rouge also brings its share of benefits.

“What I liked the most was my ability to share it with as many people as possible. My family and friends would come after the games for private tours of the locker room.”

Attention to the media

However, Picard’s association with the Canadians wasn’t just a piece of cake. As indicated by Jean-Philippe Bertrand, the organization of CH had a facelift for the 2010-2011 season. It was also PK Subban’s first campaign.

Picard and the illustrious defender formed a duo and Quebec recalled the situation in which he “criticized” his teammate after he caused a turnaround in a match.

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“A reporter asked me questions after the match and I said something like: PK, like Eric Carlson, is a young defender who has to choose the right moments to support the attack and make risky plays. He will learn and it will be. Okay.”

This simple answer earned him a meeting in the office with General Manager Pierre Gautier and Head Coach Jacques Martin.

“I thought I would be demoted. But finally, Pierre Gauthier told me that the organization would like me to stop saying things like that about the PK and stick to the grassroots with journalists.”

“I can tell you I’ve been” boring “with the media for the rest of the year, Picard added. Now that I’m on the other side, I wonder why it stops players from saying what they really mean. They are the ones who live moments and emotions on the ice. “

Picard’s residency with the Canadians finally ended after only one season. He was forced to miss the entire season finale and play-off matches due to a knee injury he suffered in training.