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The International Space Station was damaged by space debris

The International Space Station was damaged by space debris

L ‘ISS It was Consists By space debris. The collision did not endanger the astronauts on board, but it reminds us once again of the dangers posed by cutting rockets and satellites.

Space is often seen as an empty and cold area, but the reality is very different. At least as far as the orbit of our planet is concerned.

Photo by David Mark – Pixabay

Since the first missile ever launched, launches have actually doubled. Satellites, sensors, many devices that have had the effect of transforming the Earth’s orbit into a real vacuum.

Earth’s orbit, another dump

Because when these devices are not used, they are not recovered. Away from this. They are actually still revolving around our world, bumping into each other.

In 2019, researchers identified more than 34,000 private debris over 10 centimeters long orbiting in low orbit, but also over 5,400 space debris one meter or more in diameter. And if we believe the model developed by the European Space Agency (ESA), then we have to add to the list 130 million objects larger than one millimeter and nearly a million objects larger than one centimeter. In a couple of years, it’s easy to imagine these numbers should have increased and It is a real problem.

This is an ethical problem, of course, but it is also a functional one. Each launch must take into account the risks posed by this debris and the same is true for the astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

Danger to space missions

Astronauts who meticulously encountered a serious problem on May 12th.

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Checked through CanDarm 2 During a routine operation, astronauts on board the International Space Station have already detected an impact located at the level of the upper arm skeleton. It is relatively young, but it still proves that the instrument collided with debris in Earth’s orbit, without anyone even realizing it.

At the moment, the astronauts and technical teams on Earth were not actually able to determine the exact date of the collision. So it is not known when the debris hit the arm.

According to the first results of the analyzes, it appears in any case that this effect did not damage the arm. The latter is still functional and is a new nun. Canadarm2, developed by the Canadian Space Agency, is actually in the form of a robotic arm used to help maneuver objects outside the International Space Station, such as shuttles for example.

The International Space Station collided with space debris

It also allows the astronauts on board the station to perform maintenance operations. Thus, the tool occupies an important place, which is what makes this effect so alarming.

Especially since the impact on a inhabited unit could have other repercussions altogether. It may also be helpful to remember that the International Space Station must often perform emergency maneuvers to avoid potential collisions with space debris. Hard-to-follow debris Of course, our tools only make it possible to locate the largest of them.

In this context, it is clear that we understand why the space agencies Action Regarding solutions to recover or destroy space debris.

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