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The influenza epidemic is declining, despite two new deaths

TAHITI, April 6, 2023 – The influenza epidemic appears to be waning in Venua, while the sixth wave of covid “With a low rate of reported cases and very few hospitalizations.” Affects Polynesia, health surveillance reporting.

The latest data from the Weekly Health Surveillance Bulletin, released on Thursday, shows a third consecutive week with an increase in the rate of consultations for influenza and/or Covid symptoms in French Polynesia. However, laboratory and hospital data indicate a decrease in influenza viral circulation over the last observed week. At least eight people are still hospitalized with the flu this week, including one in the intensive care unit. A total of seven deaths of flu patients between the ages of 26 and 79 have been reported since the start of the outbreak, including two in the past week. On the Covid side, there is a “sixth wave” currently affecting French Polynesia, but with low reported cases as well as very few hospitalizations. Three have been reported in the past week, but none in intensive care.

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