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The idea to replace Dominique Ducharme with Guy Carbonneau appeared

The idea to replace Dominique Ducharme with Guy Carbonneau appeared

Jeff Petrie’s exit on Tuesday had the effect of raising a related question among residents: Is the Canadian failure more attributable to Fitness Trainer Or the players this season?

Or a physical trainer, like? #injuries

Or Mark Bergvin?

On the other hand, the Fitness Trainer seems to be lacking control And his system is far from unanimous in Bedrooms…until the concerned manager knows it won’t be very Most likely no return in 2022-23.

On the other hand, there are quite a few players out there who do their best to try and win.

Scott Matla (EOTP) called for a change of coaches behind the Canadian bench in order to give the team a boost.

Grant McCague, for his part, went further than his English-speaking colleague by calling not only for a class Rule Ducharme, but is also calling for Guy Carbonneau to be back behind the team’s bench. Remember that McCagg is a former (NHL) recruit and is now the head of the site

After Michel Terrain and Claude Julien, Guy Carboneau? # Never two without three?

Is Ducharme worth leaving? Yes, there are injuries… Yes, there have been several starts over the summer… And yes, players don’t give their all when they set foot on the ice…

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but the Fitness Trainer He no longer looks out of place behind the team’s bench. Reminder: There are 52 games left to play at the end of the season…

Only two coaches show a record worse than Dominique Ducharme (21-37-10) in Montreal Canadiens history: Silvio Mantha (11-22-11 in 1936) and Alfred “Pete” Lieben (10-33-5) in 1940.

In short, Dominique Ducharme is the worst statistical coach to have CH since the end of WWII…

Most Carbo does it represent the The solution?

Carbo He had three seasons over 0.500 at the helm of CH (42-34-6, 47-25-10 and 35-24-7)…but that was about 15 years ago! Since then, he has coached the Saguenéens for 15 encounters, has been on TV and has been in the heart of Rumors send him behind the bench for a team from a brand new hockey league 3 for 3 before the epidemic.

Not sure That idea of ​​sending her into the woods tomorrow morning really holds up…

Note that some would like to see Luke Richardson take over again from Dominique Ducharme. Richardson does not speak French and Jeff Molson will do his best to avoid such a circus…

a lot of

Jeff Petrie is frustrated and his exit hasn’t helped anyone (maybe except for him).

Sean Couturier is going through a tough line.

– He probably won’t miss the Norlander missile.

Other cases of COVID-19 in Florida?

Canadian players will have to find a reason to play or it will be a long time ta* by May. [THW]

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Niklas Backstrom collected a point in his first game of the season yesterday. [HDB]