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The hope of a hostile bid derailed the Blue Jackets’ plan

The rumors surrounding Pierre-Luc Dubois will not stop until he becomes a Canadian player. These rumors get into many people’s heads and can cause damage, like what happened in Columbus.

On October 8, 2020, the Blue Jackets decided to trade defensemen Ryan Murray and Marcus Notivara to make room for Pierre-Luc Dubois’ next contract. At least, that’s what Aaron B.ortzline from the athlete during his recent visit to Sick podcast by Tony Marinaro.

In fact, it was rumored that the Canadiens were planning to make a hostile offer to Pierre-Luc Dubois in the fall of 2020, who was a restricted free agent. These two operations were done to send a message to Al-Kindi.

“You want to show others that you’ll match the antagonistic show. You don’t even want anyone to try their hand at a show.” – Aaron Bortzlin

Dubois ended up signing a new two-year contract on December 31, 2020. However, he still wanted to become a Canadian player at the time.

Despite his intention to join the Canadians, he was working with Columbus. Everything seems to be going well. He got an apartment in Columbus and served as the team’s first baseman.

However, the Jackets seemed afraid to see him leave in the future and sent him to Winnipeg at the start of the season in January. So they lost two Defenders and Dubois within a few months. Things have not been going well for them since then.

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In the latest season, Dubois was set to sign a new contract with Winnipeg and rumors continued to surface on both sides. He still wanted to receive a hostile offer from the Canadians. Not looking like Kent Hughes was ready to give up the shots, Dubois signed with a hostile bid.

Pierre-Luc Dubois will become a restricted free agent again this summer and the rumor mill will continue to run. Personally, I expect treatment. The Canadiens will have to give the Jets some compensation, but they won’t be entirely first draft picks.

As usual, it remains a file to follow. But will this file really end one day?

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– unbelievable.

– There are only four left in the QMJHL.

– One more for Toronto.

– The Knicks finally made it past the first round before the Maple Leaf.

– Things could change soon in Montreal.