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BIG STAT START STARNING SURPRISE: The back-to-school schedule has been turned upside down

The heartbreaking story behind the hospital’s name in STAT

This Monday, viewers were able to discover the daily news STATWhile production offers it in an improved formula in the first week. Read our impressions of this daily here.

Thus, you are able to discover the lovable characters, as well as the environment in which you will develop during the season, St-Vincent Hospital in Montreal.

You should know that behind the name of the hospital hides a touching story. In fact, it refers to the son of one of the team members, who died of an illness.

Presentation page says: When you are writing a series set in a hospital, there comes a time when you have to find the name of the said hospital. It’s not always easy, we research and think and sometimes the personal story of a team member makes us realize that the name we were looking for is that name, and nothing else. Saint-Vincent Hospital, STAT Hospital, is named in memory of our Artistic Director’s son, André Chamberland, whose son Vincent died of leukemia several years ago. »

This shows how well this production works with the heart.

You should also know that the show was filmed in the same studios as District 31. Within a few months, the team worked tirelessly to dismantle the 31 offices to rebuild the hospital you’ll see all season. Master work!

See photos from the show below.

As you have seen, the plot of the series takes place in the post-Covid era. We tell you more here.