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The harsh winter disrupted many sports

The harsh winter disrupted many sports

You can feel it outside, spring is slowly starting, the snowbanks are starting to melt, and winter sports fans are enjoying their last moments.

Spring skiing has arrived and enthusiasts are taking advantage of it before the end of the fast-approaching season. The skiers at Vallée-du-Parc told us the conditions were beautiful, perfect for a spring slide. On the other hand, the moderation and precipitation of the past few days forced the resort team to close the sliding position in the evening. This could make it possible to extend the downhill season in days.

The rough conditions complicated the practice of many sports. Among others we can think of cod fishing and ice fishing, as their seasons started much later. Helicopter snow was also affected as winter sections were closed several times.

Ski enthusiasts have always desired snow.

“For cross-country skiing, there was a lot of snow, a lot of buildup. That’s good! No matter how much snow falls, we’re able to rehash it with machines. It’s not a problem even if it’s been a little warmer and there’s been some rain through it all.” “It’s not really a big deal,” explained Samuel Marco, Director of Customer Service at Énergie CMB.

The manager told us that this same snow gave them a headache because the less snow the better the “fat bike” season.

While the season may be stretching for some, for others the countdown is on. At Énergie CMB, the season could end any day, but if we compare to last year, it ended in mid-March. For snowboarders, it might be the last weekend because Club de Champlain has no intention of bringing in the groomer this winter.

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However, the expected snow this weekend may make the fun last.