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The great leader of Bombardier is not bitter

The great leader of Bombardier is not bitter

Bombardier’s CEO is not bitter when he sees Air France-KLM unveil with great fanfare in Paris the first Airbus A220 developed by the Quebec genius at CSeries, which has now passed into the hands of foreign interests.

“We moved on to other things. We don’t have any bitterness,” Bombardier CEO Eric Martell said on the sidelines of a visit to the Canadian club in Montreal yesterday.

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Last Tuesday, Air France KLM proudly presented its first A220 to the world at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport.

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Even if CSeries is no longer part of Bombardier, the company’s footprint in Quebec remains strong, assures number one, Eric Martel.

“The factories are still here in Quebec. The planes are built here in Quebec, so obviously we are very proud of what we have done because it is one of the best commercial aircraft out there.”

He argues that the Challenger 3500 is “100% made in Quebec” and that the World Model 7500 is “largely made here in Montreal”.

When Le Journal returns to find out if she thinks CSeries are an example of the genius of Quebec being taken over by aliens, she is shocked.

“I understand your question. I have already answered you,” he replies, wanting to make it short.

As for asking for public funds, again, Eric Martel is firm.

“We’re not trying to get private stuff. If there’s software in place, like everyone else, we’ll see if we can deal with those software.”

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