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The Gospel According to Francis |  Montreal Journal

The Gospel According to Francis | Montreal Journal

It’s still crazy: the prime minister, François Legault, was criticized for saying water was wet.

Oh no, excuse me, he did point out that Quebec has a catholic culture, which is another obvious fact.

We may be secular, atheist, or have made our throwbacks gay, we can’t deny that Catholicism is at the core of Quebec’s cultural DNA. It is as clear as the nose in the middle of the face…or the cross in the middle of Mount Royal.


If Catholicism is not at the heart of Quebec culture…

– Widget The fairies are thirstyBy Denise Boucher Would she have caused such a scandal in 1978 for her portrayal of the Virgin Mary?

– Was Dennis Bombardier holding the title Childhood with holy water His childhood story?

Are you going to talk there about the “omnipotence of the Roman Catholic Church”, and are you going to quote this sentence repeated by the sisters and brothers: “Indecency, starts with the feet and goes up. Don’t forget to wear stockings.”

– Is our TV series sprinkled with Consecration, Host, Christ, Tabernacle, Grave, Chalice, Virginity and Baptism?

– Will La Chicane sing: “I have misery, skull”?

– Would Michel Tremblay have written Saint Carmen on the one hand? In his most famous play, Were We Witnessing That Scene Where the Sisters Kneel in Front of the Radio to Recite the Rosary?

Denis Arcand directed the movie in 1989 Jesus from MontrealAbout the actor playing the Passionate Christ in St. Joseph’s oration? As Georges Brevet wrote at the time: “Arcand identifies the hypocrisy of the Church, dusts off images of Christ, celebrates the passion of actors and crafts a shy but touching confession of faith for the redemptive power of art.”

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– Ozias Leduc (1864-1955), described by the Canadian Art Institute as “one of the most important and versatile painters of the first half of the twentieth century in Quebec,” painted over one hundred and fifty paintings for churches in Quebec?

– Would Benoit Bellon be out in 2021 Vineland Clubwith Sebastien Ricard, about Brother Jean and his influence on a boys’ college in the late 1940s?

– Was Lynn Charlebois shooting the movie last fall with Sylvie Moreau and Milene Mackay Tell me why these things are so beautifulabout letters exchanged between brother Marie Victorine and Marcel Joffreux, a movie that is supposed to hit theaters this fall?

Did he direct Léa Pool in 2015 Augustine’s Passion About a music lover in a Catholic convent in the 1960s?

– Could we find on the Bonjour Québec website, dedicated to Quebec tourism, a whole section on religious heritage with about ten pages of suggestions for religious-themed churches and museums?

Go in peace

If Catholicism wasn’t at the heart of Quebec culture… would Christian Begin title his comedy show deadly sins? Will he move? There are people in the block? And he was going to call his new show “Confessions”, filmed at Abbey of Val Notre Dame, which starts on Friday in Télé-Québec … The great nugget?