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The Gohar Khairah incident: the players union indicted

The Gohar Khairah incident: the players union indicted

Unfortunately for him, concussions accumulate in the benevolent core.

Wednesday in Chicago, already the third of its kind, was particularly violent. The photos that followed his intense contact with Jacob Trouba were bloody horrific.

Frequent Khaira incidents mean the Blackhawk striker has no place in the National Hockey League, according to TVA Sports reporter Renaud Lavoie, who blames the players’ union.

“This guy, the lights go out a lot. The National League has to get him off the ice. I’ll go further. The NHL would like to tell the player that he is no longer allowed to play, but the Players Association will tell them that they are not allowed to force the player to play or not to play, Unless it’s suspended. We often blame the NHL, but in this case, it’s the players union to blame,” he said in his ‘Verification’ column on the show. GC, Wednesday. See the video above.

Host Jean-Charles Lagoy shares his opinion. “I’m sorry, but the finest are out of action on the NHL ice.”

“I agree, replied Renault Lavoie. If Khaira comes back, it’s boring, but we will see the same pictures last night. I hope someone will say enough.”

On Tuesday, Khera collapsed on the ice after being shocked by contact with New York Rangers defender Jacob Trueba in the second half. He remained motionless for several minutes before finally leaving on a stretcher. He seemed to have regained his senses then.

Check out the good –

Khira was shaken badly on two other occasions in 2020-21, while playing for the Edmonton Oilers: in a fight with Calgary Flames striker Brett Ritchie, and then in a physical examination by Montreal Canadiens defender Alexander Romanoff.

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In addition, Renaud Lavoie also spoke about the governors’ meeting to be held Thursday in Palm Beach, Florida. Several topics will be on the agenda, including the athletes’ participation in the Beijing Olympics next February. Kyle Beach’s profile will also reappear.

Image source: AFP