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The goal of living on Mars is becoming clearer

The goal of living on Mars is becoming clearer


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LD de la Mornay, T Donzel, K Sullivan Den Berg – France 2

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The dream of conquering space continues and NASA is already planning to return to the Moon before heading to Mars by 2040.

A crew of four researchers boarded the SAM (Lunar-Mars Simulation Base)And The only place where pressure completely lives is on Earthfor a week. “The goal is not to pretend we’re on Mars, it’s to do scientific research.”he explains Bindu Omen, surgeon and mission commander. NASA plans to return to the Moon in a few years and take the first steps on Mars at the end I2030 decade. Elon Musk, head of SpaceX, WantsI don’t go any furtherwe bring One million colonists on Mars by 2050 And By building domed cities.

limits of this system

In 1991, eight men and women locked themselves up for two years in a miniature planetBiosphere II, is believed to be a prototype Mars colony. This mission showed the limits of the model: the crew split into two groups and resources were depleted faster than expected. “The oxygen level dropped so low that the crew had to import it from outside.”Remarks by John Adams, Deputy Director, PewThe second domain. Experts know that these types of settlements will not be technically credible for another 150 or 200 years.